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D&LCommercial Division offers a complete pest management program on a Monthly or Quarterly basis. We will tailor a program to your individual needs with consideration given to the type of facility, hours of operation, occupant health concerns, and insect pressure.

Complete pest management requires a thorough knowledge of pests and their harborages. An effective program attacks the pest and its basic survival requirements (food, water, and shelter) and identifies and eliminates these these sources. The cost of a pest management professional is negligible compared to the cost of repairing the tangible and intangible damage caused by an insect problem at your commercial location.

All D&L employees have been carefully screened and educated well in excess of industry standards. In addition to providing general maintenance programs, our highly trained staff have helped owners and managers troubleshoot and solve pest problems for 25 years. At D&L we built our reputation providing high quality pest management programs to commercial properties just like yours. Quality Assurance is constantly measured at all levels of work. Give us a call and see what your colleagues already know, a D&LCommercial program guarantees quality.

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